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Our Motto: We do it right, or we do it over

For everything that matters, and everything our clients expect – MBC delivers. This desire to do our very best is reflected in our record of achievements, and it is this greater purpose that drives our focus on accuracy. Start to finish, MBC is dedicated to getting it right.

Underlying our capabilities is the deep experience of our staff, who represent many decades in the aquatic sciences industry. And because we own and operate virtually all equipment a client may need, MBC can mobilize quickly to deliver resources and divers anywhere on the California coast.

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our history:

founded on a love of the ocean - and science

From a love of the ocean, to a vision of protecting the coastal environment, MBC is an enterprise built on passion. Founded in 1969 as a small shop with only one client, MBC foresaw a need for better data in marine biology and environmental sciences. 

During the last five decades, MBC has gone from being pioneers to leaders – advancing the technology and analysis of marine science today and into the future.

The founder of MBC, Chuck Mitchell, studied marine biology and shared many marine dives with Dr. Wheeler North, a renowned marine environmental expert who was associated with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Scripps Institute of Oceanography as a Professor of Marine Sciences. Mr. Mitchell started MBC as Marine Biological Consultants, Inc. in 1969 in response to a growing need for professional biologists to conduct integrated studies of the marine environment for industry and government. To MBC, accuracy is everything, and from that its staff has earned a reputation for thorough, accurate work and high quality products.

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our mission: to exceed our clients expectations

At MBC, we partner closely with our clients to get their projects approved and keep them sustainable. No matter the physical or monetary consideration, MBC is there to offer the experience and care that every stakeholder in the aquatic environment deserves. From providing thorough analysis and accurate reports for regulatory approval to sustainability monitoring – we try to exceed our clients’ expectations while protecting the environment.

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Founding Member of Orange County Marine Protected Area Council
48 years in business
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