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From the Colorado River to the San Francisco Bay

MBC conducts hydrographic surveys using single-beam and multi-beam sonars. Bathymetric data can be combined with aerial LiDAR topographic data of the surrounding shoreline to create a complete 3-D map showing the above/below water topography of rivers, lakes and coastal areas. MBC’s hydrographic surveyors have mapped 50 California lakes, 300 miles of the Lower Colorado River, 250 square miles of South San Francisco Bay, and the entire Sacramento River Delta. MBC conducts marine geophysical surveys under a permit issued by the California State Lands Commission. In accordance with the CSLC permit, geophysical surveys are announced beforehand and monitored by marine mammal observers. MBC’s geophysical survey services include: side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, magnetometer, vibracore, and marine archaeology surveys. Also, MBC performs quarterly overflights of the southern California coastline to measure the extent of coastal kelp beds.

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What We Do Best:

Our Expertise

  • ‍Single- and multi-beam sonars
  • Aerial drone surveys
  • Sub-bottom profiling
  • Seismic surveys
  • Magnetometer
  • Vibracoring
  • Marine archaeology
  • Eelgrass and kelp surveys

Surveying Services


City of Antioch Desalination Intake Hydrographic Survey

MBC conducted a quick-response, 1-day hydrographic survey in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta for pre-design of a Brackish Water Desalination Facility proposed by the City of Antioch.

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Irvine Lake Survey

MBC was hired by Psomas to perform a Class 1 hydrographic survey of Irvine Lake to provide an updated bathymetric map.

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Mission Bay Navigational Safety Dredge Project Eelgrass Transplant

MBC provided support to dredging contractor Curtin Maritime in the largest eelgrass mitigation project on the West Coast. MBC provided support during eelgrass harvest and transplant.

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Surveying Services


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