Mitigation / Restoration

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From design to implementation

MBC biologists are actively involved in the design and implementation of mitigation and restoration programs. These programs involved extensive planning, field, and laboratory work, as well as data analysis to document the success or failure of these programs. The restoration requirements, procedures, results and recommendations, and the impacts of restoration upon resident biota were detailed in cooperation with the National Marine Fisheries Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the California Coastal Commission.

"MBC is a pioneer in the field of eelgrass restoration, and has restored over one million square feet of eelgrass in California"

What We Do Best:

Our Expertise

  • Eelgrass surveys and transplants
  • Eelgrass mitigation plans
  • Giant kelp surveys and transplants
  • Giant kelp mitigation plans
  • Dune vegetation
  • Wetland vegetation
  • Bird nesting surveys and mitigation

Mitigation / Restoration


Platform Gina Pipeline Environmental Assessment

MBC assessed the environmental impacts of Unocal's planned replacement of sections of an offshore pipeline between Platform Gina and the onshore oil separator facility at Mandalay Beach (Ventura County).

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Convair Lagoon Eelgrass and Kelp Restoration

MBC assisted a client in San Diego with implementation of the Convair Lagoon eelgrass mitigation plan.

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Newport Bay Mitigation Project

MBC conducted an eelgrass transplant to offset adverse impacts to eelgrass habitats as a result of construction and dredging.

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Mitigation / Restoration


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