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Leading the industry in aquatic science services for Southern California and beyond. And caring about each client as we go.

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We know these waters, we have archives of data and we know the best solution to meet your needs. There is value in that kind of experience. We like to pass it along.

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A Reputation of Rapid Response

We are known for going out of our way to accommodate projects and scheduling without compromising accuracy.

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Toxicity Testing

MBC’s toxicity lab is known to deliver. We consult with a variety of private and public entities who value our great communication and  willingness to accommodate their needs.

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eir/eis documents

MBC provides accurate and concise impact analyses in support of environmental impact reports for CEQA and environmental impact statements for NEPA documents.

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MBC pioneered the science of eelgrass restoration in California. We perform eelgrass surveys as well as customize and implement cost-effective mitigation plans.

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Let's Talk Tech

Technology advancements are ever increasing the capacity of our underwater discoveries and the preservation of our oceans. From underwater accoustics to magnifiying new depths, these are five of our favorite and most functional tools.


“Over the past 30 years, MBC has consistently performed required tasks as mandated by our regulatory requirements. They are well respected in the marine sciences community and have good working relationships with the regulatory agencies and staff. Based on our positive experiences with MBC, we would be happy to recommend their services to any prospective client”

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In the air, on the water, and under the sea:
We collect data everywhere.
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