San Onofre REMP and NPDES Studies

The USEPA requires the offshore San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) to annually report on the fish, kelp and water quality through monthly and quarterly monitoring of such including water temperature monitoring, fish and invertebrate sampling, sediment and kelp sampling, and water quality monitoring as part of its Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program (REMP). MBC was contracted to perform this monitoring on a continuous, monthly, quarterly and/or annual basis depending on specific testing/sampling protocols. MBC supports SONGS in the collection, preservation, and shipment of required radiological samples to the California Department of Health Services and to GEL Laboratories in South Carolina.

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So. California Edison


Biological Services


Offshore San Clemente

Biological Services


Nearshore NPDES Studies

In accordance with NPDES permit requirements, MBC conducts ongoing offshore marine monitoring programs for 12 coastal generating stations from San Diego to Ventura Counties.

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San Pedro Bay Biological Survey

MBC was selected to conduct periodic physical and biological assessments of the San Pedro Bay Ports.

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Prima Deshecha Landfill Bioassessment Monitoring

MBC performed bioassessment monitoring at the landfill project site prior to construction and after construction.

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