San Pedro Bay Biological Survey

The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have conducted periodic physical and biological assessments of the San Pedro Bay Ports for many years, and in 2013 MBC was selected to conduct the 2013/2014 harbor-wide physical and biological study. This study was designed to build upon previous assessments and included monitoring of water quality, sediment characteristics, and comprehensive biological communities throughout the Port Complex. Specific investigations included:

  • Water quality monitoring
  •  Sediment characteristic investigations
  •  Benthic infauna community analysis
  •  Riprap biota community characteristicts
  •  Kelp and macroalgae monitoring
  •  Eelgrass monitoring and mapping
  •  Ichthyoplankton surveys
  •  Day and night trawls to survey demersal fish and epibenthic invertebrate communities
  •  Day and night lampara sampling to survey pelagic fish communities
  •  Beach seine monitoring of Shallow Water Habitat communities
  •  Monthly surveys of bird and marine mammals

Reporting on all monitoring aspects incorporated a summary of results of the currents studies and spatial and temporal evaluations. In addition to the investigations above, report findings included a discussion of non-native species and a comparison of habitats throughout the Port Complex. Analysis included graphical presentation of data in the report and tabular presentation of data in appendices. MBC's tasks also included study design, subconsultant and project management, data management and integration, and report preparation, editing and integration. MBC's approach to the project included a goal to enhance the utility of data within the study report and improve upon the presentation for future applications.

An informative video review of the project produced by the Port of Long Beach can be viewed at

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Biological Services


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