Newport Bay Mitigation Project

Under contract to Orange County Parks (OC Parks), MBC conducted an eelgrass transplant to offset adverse impacts to eelgrass habitats as a result of construction and dredging necessary to replace an aging Newport Beach Harbor Patrol and Coast Guard Facility in Newport Harbor, California. MBC transplanted 310 square meters of eelgrass into two areas for mitigation; one area that was to be created by recontouring the beach adjacent to the OC Parks Project site, and a small rectangular area inshore of the southeast end of the guest docks. The transplant mitigated for a loss of 258 square meters of eelgrass coverage at a 1.2 to 1 ratio. The transplant was conducted in 2011. MBC continues to monitor the site, which has consistently exceeded the milestone criteria. Monitoring was completed in 2016.

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Newport Bay

Mitigation / Restoration


Platform Gina Pipeline Environmental Assessment

MBC assessed the environmental impacts of Unocal's planned replacement of sections of an offshore pipeline between Platform Gina and the onshore oil separator facility at Mandalay Beach (Ventura County).

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Convair Lagoon Eelgrass and Kelp Restoration

MBC assisted a client in San Diego with implementation of the Convair Lagoon eelgrass mitigation plan.

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Port of Long Beach Black-Crowned Night Heron Mitigation

In preparation for the proposed conversion of the Long Beach Naval Station to commercial use, the Port of Long Beach (POLB) retained MBC to monitor the black-crowned night heron rookery.

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