Irvine Lake Survey

Class 1 hydrographic survey of Irvine Lake to provide an updated bathymetric map to determine the silt level within the Lake. The updated bathymetric survey will also be used by land surveyors to adjust the current lake capacity curves for the existing silt level.

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Surveying Services


Irvine Lake, CA

Surveying Services


City of Antioch Desalination Intake Hydrographic Survey

MBC conducted a quick-response, 1-day hydrographic survey in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta for pre-design of a Brackish Water Desalination Facility proposed by the City of Antioch.

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Mission Bay Navigational Safety Dredge Project Eelgrass Transplant

MBC provided support to dredging contractor Curtin Maritime in the largest eelgrass mitigation project on the West Coast. MBC provided support during eelgrass harvest and transplant.

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Tycom Fiber Optic Cable Project

A biological survey was conducted to supplement geophysical and geomorphological data for a proposed offshore fiber optic cable route. MBC examined the existing data and proposed supplemental studies and preferred routing.

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