Tycom Fiber Optic Cable Project

A biological survey was conducted to supplement geophysical and geomorphological data for a proposed offshore fiber optic cable route. MBC examined the existing data and proposed supplemental studies and  preferred routing. Both biologist-diver surveys and remote operated vehicle (ROV) marine biological surveys were conducted along the proposed submarine cable corridor. Surveys included a characterization of both soft-bottom and hard-bottom substrates. Benthic communities offshore of Hermosa Beach were examined and categorized by substrate and depth to a depth of 600 m. Biologists from MBC interfaced with the California Coastal Commission to discuss the routing and minimize potential impacts from construction of the project.

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Hermosa Beach, CA

Surveying Services


San Dieguito Lagoon Surveys

MBC divers surveyed at prescribed intervals for five years to document the success of the transplant. By the third year, both eelgrass coverage and turion density exceeded success criteria.

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Silver Lake Multi-Beam Bathymetry Survey

MBC conducted a week-long bathymetry survey of Silver Lake. The detailed hydrographic survey using a multi-beam sonar provided 100% coverage of the lake bottom.

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