Huntington Beach Bacteriological Investigations

Persistent beach postings and closures at Huntington State Beach in 1999 prompted a series of investigations by several agencies to determine the source of the bacterial contamination. In 2001, MBC joined in the efforts to identify the source(s) of contamination. MBC supplied a research vessel and field crews for six 48-hr offshore water quality studies, and collected and analyzed hundreds of water quality samples from within the AES Huntington Beach Generating Station. Results from that in-plant study were used in the design of separate source investigation carried out by the California Energy Commission (CEC) in summer 2002. MBC also deployed and analyzed data from Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) and thermistor chains to characterize nearshore waters off Huntington Beach. This project required interfacing with multiple stakeholders and interested parties, as well as the California Energy Commission and the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board. Ultimately it was concluded that the primary source of the bacteria was Talbert Marsh.

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AES Huntington Beach


Water / Toxicity Services


Huntington Beach, CA

Water / Toxicity Services


Camp Pendleton Desalination Project

MBC provided marine biological, water quality and oceanographic assistance to the San Diego County Water Authority as part of a series of Technical Studies for a proposed seawater desalination project at Camp Pendleton.

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LAC, OC & IC WET Testing Services

The City of Los Angeles Dept. Of Water and Power (LADWP) selected MBC to provide all whole effluent aquatic toxicity testing and professional toxicity consulting services.

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Marina Del Rey TMDL Studies

MBC assisted Brown and Caldwell with water quality monitoring, the collection of sediments for chemistry analysis, sediment toxicity collection and testing, the collection of bioaccumulation organisms and the enumeration of fish and invertebrate species.

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