WBMWD Desalination Project EIR

As a subcontractor to Michael Baker International, MBC was contracted to assist in the preparation of the project description and provide project alternatives support, mitigation options analyses, a biological resources assessment, draft Environmental Impact Report support, a review of a discharge modeling report that included an evaluation of discharge mortality based on modeling findings, and other services as-needed. An ocean water intake affects study and mitigation analysis included:

●  Existing marine biological and water quality conditions
●  Potential impacts from intake and discharge
●  Review of oceanographic conditions
●  Review of potential fish reduction based on occurrence of habitat types
●  An assessment of Ocean Plan 1% credit for use of screens and review of potential for increased credits
●  Mitigation fee calculations based on the 1% credit and project derived credit for entrainment reduction based on screen size

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Michael Baker International


Permitting / Documentation


Santa Monica Bay

Permitting / Documentation


Eastern San Pedro Bay Restoration Feasibility Study

MBC's biologists are providing technical support and expertise to evaluate opportunities for providing ecosystem restoration, increased recreational opportunities and other improvements offshore of the City of Long Beach within East San Pedro Bay.

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El Segundo Power Redevelopment Project

MBC was uniquely qualified to provide marine biological data and analyses since the company has monitored the environment offshore the El Segundo Generating Station for 30 years.

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Huntington Beach Desalination Facility Analysis

MBC assisted our client by providing an assessment of the existing conditions in the marine and wetland environments in the vicinity of a proposed desalination plant located adjacent to the AES Huntington Beach Generating Station.

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