Port of Long Beach Sediment Characterization

Prior to implementing Phase II of their Maintenance Dredge Program to restore the navigation channels and berth facilities to permitted depths, the Port of Long Beach contracted MBC to characterize the sediments at three different sites (two at Pier B and one at Pier F). At each site, a clamshell dredge was proposed to excavate sediment and place it in a scow for transport to the Middle Harbor Project area.

Prior to mechanical dredging, the Port was required to characterize physical and chemical parameters of the sediments at the proposed maintenance dredge sites. Sediment testing followed the recommendations of the Port’s Sediment Management Handbook for Dredge and Fill Projects. Sediments were collected at the three sites using a vibracore, with penetration ranging from <1 ft to >6 ft. Sediment was also collected from the LA-2 ocean disposal site for reference. Analyses included sediment testing, elutriate analysis, and solid phase toxicity. Results were summarized in a Sampling and Analysis Report, and presented to the Southern California Dredged Material Management Team.

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Offshore San Clemente

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Doheny Ocean Desalination Project

The South Coast Water District proposed the Doheny Ocean Desalination Project to produce approximately 5 to 15 million gallons per day (mgd) of potable drinking water. The project would consist of a subsurface slant well intake system, raw (sea) water conveyance to the desalination facility site, a seawater desalination plant, brine disposal through an existing wastewater ocean outfall, solids handling facilities, and potable water delivery to adjacent distribution infrastructure.

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316(b) Compliance, Entrainment and Impingement Studies

Year-long IM&E studies were conducted at seven coastal power plants. These included weekly impingement surveys and biweekly entrainment and source water surveys.

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San Onofre Unit 1 Decommissioning Surveys

MBC supported AECOM in monitoring the offshore construction to set the SONGS Unit 1 offshore conduits to their final disposition.

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