Port of Long Beach Stormwater Non-point Source Discharge Monitoring

MBC was selected to conduct several multi-year non-point source stormwater runoff water quality monitoring programs at the POLB in response to the requirements of the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Sampling locations were selected in specific areas of the harbor complex for use as broad-based determinants of the presence of contaminants. One dry season and two wet weather monitoring episodes, including sampling conditions and results, were reported for each year. Automatic stormwater samplers were installed at most stations by MBC between 2005 and 2009 with boat-based sampling at remaining locations. As storms approached the Port, MBC monitored them and if a storm met the monitoring criteria boat crews responded to sample the stormwater runoff as rain began to fall at specific pre-selected outfall locations. Individual samples for each analytical parameter were collected by a trained MBC crew familiar with analytical chemistry collection techniques and were placed on ice for immediate transport to the analytical laboratory. The data was analyzed, summarized and reported on an annual assessment of contaminants.

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Water / Toxicity Services


Camp Pendleton Desalination Project

MBC provided marine biological, water quality and oceanographic assistance to the San Diego County Water Authority as part of a series of Technical Studies for a proposed seawater desalination project at Camp Pendleton.

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Huntington Beach Bacteriological Investigations

Persistent beach postings and closures at Huntington State Beach prompted a series of investigations by several agencies to determine the source of the bacterial contamination.

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LAC, OC & IC WET Testing Services

The City of Los Angeles Dept. Of Water and Power (LADWP) selected MBC to provide all whole effluent aquatic toxicity testing and professional toxicity consulting services.

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