Silver Lake Multi-Beam Bathymetry Survey

MBC conducted a week-long bathymetry survey of Silver Lake. The detailed hydrographic survey using a multi-beam sonar provided 100% coverage of the lake bottom,  and adhered to methods and accuracies outlined in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' HYDROGRAPHIC SURVEY MANUAL (EM 1110-2-1003, 2013).  After completion of the multi-beam hydrographic survey, MBC prepared and delivered the following items to the client within 30 days of the completion of field surveys:

• Engineering-quality AutoCAD chart of lake bottom elevations
• Digital terrain model (DTM) of lake bottom elevations
• EXCEL file containing a listing of lake bottom elevations and coordinates 
• Capacity curve with EXCEL file of capacity computations at 0.1’ elevation intervals 

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Silverlake, CA

Surveying Services


City of Antioch Desalination Intake Hydrographic Survey

MBC conducted a quick-response, 1-day hydrographic survey in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta for pre-design of a Brackish Water Desalination Facility proposed by the City of Antioch.

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Irvine Lake Survey

MBC was hired by Psomas to perform a Class 1 hydrographic survey of Irvine Lake to provide an updated bathymetric map.

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Mission Bay Navigational Safety Dredge Project Eelgrass Transplant

MBC provided support to dredging contractor Curtin Maritime in the largest eelgrass mitigation project on the West Coast. MBC provided support during eelgrass harvest and transplant.

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